La Piola’s Personalized Set Menu – Say What You Want & Get What You Want

到了一家餐廳用餐,常常不曉得該點什麼嗎?La Piola的「客製化菜單」服務是你最好的救星~!歡迎各位嘉賓來電或Email訂位時,提出預算、食物偏好(地上爬的?水裡游的?素食?)等等,不用客氣,放馬過來!主廚將會為各位提出最適合的餐點組合,保證道道精采喔!

If you always find it difficult to order at a restaurant, La Piola’s “Personalized Set Menu” would be a perfect choice for you! When you phone or email us for reservation next time, you can just inform us of your budget, diet, etc etc. Our chef will organize a personalized set menu only for you — therefore, as soon as you sit down at your table at La Piola, you will know what to expect for a perfect meal!